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Almaarii (2018-present) is a collaborative storytelling project that has a simple idea- to collect all kinds of narratives surrounding what closets mean for people in South Asia.

The project began with a simple question we had- what would a physical manifestation of someone’s closet be? Would it be dark, and sad? Or would it be a space of protection someone has built for themselves? Why are some people happier staying in the closet while some are not? What would be some of the things one would have in their closet if it were, in fact, a real thing they could access?

Would it have a music system? A keyboard? Would it be painted all colours of the rainbow, have queer magazines and posters? Would it be silent, or are friends invited? Would it be technologically sound or one that’s cut off?

This project puts together real stories and real illustrators together to collect narratives on closets often withheld, hidden, or lost in translation.


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