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Academic Conferences

Speaking Engagements

  • Playgrounds of Resistance: Movement and Mobilisation in West and South Indian Sex Workers’ Collectives at South Asia Anthropologist's Group (SAAG) 2022 Conference, September 2022

  • Patchy Times, Patchy Minds: Experiments in "Field", Method and Friendship in a Sex Workers' Network in South India at Co-conspirators, yes; allies, no! Good practice in sex work research;  Sex Work Research Hub Symposium, August 2022. I was also the Chair for Panel 4 at the symposium.

  • The Social Life of Sex Workers in a Gentrifying Neighbourhood: Towards an Ethnography of Kamathipura, India at the Sex Work Research Hub PGR Conference, 26th March 2021

  • Exploring Closets as the Fingerprints of the Queer Community in South Asia at Ozmen Institute for Global Studies, University of Nevada, Reno Webinar and Panel Discussion on LGBTQ Use of Digital Spaces in the International Context. March 17th 2021

  • The Negotiation of Queer Spaces among Cisgender Women and Trans Persons with Sudipta Garai at National Conference on Margins, Christ University Bangalore. 2018

  • Capitalised Bodies: A Marxist View of Bollywood Item Songs at CHIKITSA, University of Pune. 2017


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