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Social Space and the Sex Worker: An Ethnography of Kamathipura

This is my unpublished masters' thesis that I wrote for the completion of my MA in Applied Sociology at Christ University, Bangalore supervised by Prof. Rajeev Kumaramkandath.

I conducted an ethnographic exploration of Kamathipura, its architecture, and everyday working through a day care centre to look at social relations between workers, families, children and daily shoppers in the area to argue for a less pathological and more labour and social/political economy based view on sex work and sex workers' needs, rights and lives.

A small part of the study also used drawings to talk about the space to subvert dominant imagery of sex workers in public imagination. The drawings were made by Arka Banerjee

This study, and what I did not do correctly formed my knowledge base and drove me towards the work I do today.

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