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Initiatives emphasising intersectionality in violence faced by the trans community do not exist, thus largely invisibilizing distinctive atrocities various identity groups face on account of their gender identity as well as religion, sexuality, ability, caste, occupation, ethnicity and so on. Knowledge available in these spheres is generally scattered and inaccessible to the majority, which in turn fuels misinformation leading to stigmatization and superficial stereotyping. This inclusionary collaborative platform, thus, seeks to dismantle and educate on trans experiences as narrated and reviewed by Trans people.
‘Transform’ is a pedagogical tool created by a cross border collaboration between a queer artist in India, Mrinalini Godara and Jo, a transfeminist scholar in the UK, to visually describe the cyclical violence transgender people are subjected to in India and the world. We envision it as a clickable website illustrating violence faced by trans community members in diverse contexts, the cyclic nature of which will be highlighted by interlinking each identity-group in a wheel-like format.  'Transform' will be a one-of-a-kind accessible tool advocating for better policy, and a progressive movement creating spaces for the trans community in a disproportionately violent world.

Transform is currently in the web development phase.

Grant Funding
OSUN Arts and Humanities Micro Grant 2021
Heinrich Boell Global Feminist Pitch

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