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Filming Sex Work in India

Academicish x Jo

Filming Sex Work in India is a 7 week workshop based on a chapter of my PhD thesis on documentary film on sex work. The workshop, done in collaboration with Academicish hopes to introduce discourse on sex work, film, feminsm and queer studies to a range of audiences.


Enough is Enough

Consent Workshops at SOAS

Enough is Enough is a consent workshop series at SOAS based on principles of transformative justice and survivor centred work. The workshops, each 2 hours long use activities and narrative knowledge to facilitate conversation on consent, the university, law, society and culture.


The Circle

Workshops on Mental Health and Gender Based Violence

The Circle (now defunct) was a support group that was started in 2013 in The Wilson College, Mumbai to adress Gender Based Violence, and conversations (or the lack of) on mental health amongst students.



EdGe Mentor for Students in the USA

As a mentor, I support students to widen their critical view of the world around them, emabling them to be more perceptive in their volunteering and work positions in their home countries and outside. I support them with their projects once their field positions have been finalised as well.  Find my profile on Omprakash.

Heart Tattoo


Collaborative Action for Research and Education is an initiative created to bridge the structural gaps in Academic insitutitons that gatekeep and oppress marginalised and minoritised communities. As a first generation PhD researcher, I want to share the knowledge I am able to access with other people who need it in a decolonised manner.


Guest Lectures

Freelance and for friends

I have been a guest lecturer at SOAS (London), The Wilson College (Mumbai) for courses in social movements, and queer studies.


Workshop Facilitation

Freelance and for friends

Queering the Meh-trix (2021): Facilitating exploration workshops for people who want to understand their own feelings about gender and sexuality with Mithra Trust.

Difference Festival (2021): 'Difference as Empowering Solidarities: A Workshop on Organising Politics' with Annapurna Menon and Arshita Nandan at the University of Westminster

Different Worlds,  Same People (2021): A Workshop on Exploring Space with Zinedabaad

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